Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Opera browser released 1G free e-mail

Norway's famous Opera browser, recently introduced a free mail service, free e-mail account registered end, the account can also use all Opera-related services and follow-up services, like a friend with the Opera browser can not missed.

Opera is currently testing free e-mail, basic e-mail and contact functions can be used normally, but the Chinese version of the part is still not completely finished, many other functions are being developed and updated, everyone will wait and see
The following is the mailbox number of parameters:
POP3 server:
IMAP server: port 993 (SSL)
SMTP server: port 587 (STARTTLS) or 465 (SSL)

Registered Address:

Registration Method:
Registration is simple, following the lower part can be set to Chinese page for everyone to apply.

After entering the registration page fill in the Sign Up left the account name you want to use, for example, press the "Sign Up" will be to create an account registration screen, enter your other e-mail address, password and authentication code, if you are no errors, then sent on to complete the registration. Down and improve the following personal information on OK.