Monday, January 30, 2012

Proxy+ a shared Internet connection

Now, a lot more computers in the Office, naturally cannot fail to consider the cost of Internet access. Several computers share one account access to the Internet, and required to pay a fee of only good things, you probably want to try it. However, the shared Internet connection is not as simple as sharing files, so often seen with household names such as Wingate and Sygate Server tools.
If you look at the Internet speed, only to achieve double-share Internet connections, in the above two machines using this type of software is to break a butterfly on the wheel, is there a suitable software? Of course, when online shopping mall, a small proxy server software into my eyes, that is ProxyPlus+.

ProxyPlus installation

Currently the highest version of the software V2.40, volume 711.332KB (installation files), the total volume of not more than 1.8MB after installation, can definitely Dapper says. The installation process is extremely simple, and double-click the Setup file, click Install and fill in installation directory, the following options are InstallAs (as sth ), The Applica tion (applications) that normally do not consume system resources when using open, acting as a proxy server. WindowsService (Windows service), Windows service registration, automatically load when powered on, the advantage is convenience, but as home, suspected of it would be a waste of resources. If you selected as an application, it is best to select CreateProgramGroup next to (create a program group), which is more convenient when you start the server. Click Install, and continue with the installation, point n [Next] and [Finish], the installation is complete, almost without any configuration.

Using a proxy server

Proxy server's biggest advantages is the high speed, easy. High speed of principle is, each agent server received client requests Shi, will first find themselves of Cache is has meet requests of information, as has is immediately back should content, no match project only to online made, and deposited Cache, based on this technology, we can in network speed also is slow of when enjoy 100MB of super large bandwidth, this situation in page repeat part comparison more of when especially clear. As regards the setting, clients only need to fill in the address and port number of the proxy server to use. To IE5.0 for cases, stand-alone "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options", click "connection" label, click "LAN set", selected "using Agent server" check box, in address bar in the filled into Agent server of computer name or IP address and end number (ProxyPlus of port set comparison special, Web Agent port for 4480,Ftp port for 4421,Socks port for 1080), And by the way the [identify] button to finish the setting.

Proxy server settings

ProxyPlus friend will say that for the first time, this program is really bad, not even a set menu, in fact, it would be a big mistake, ProxyPlus provides powerful set, but its technology is fully Web-based, simply fill in the proxy server's IP address in the browser and add port number 4,400, for example (http://should never be omitted), Remote control so you can also easily. General application does not require any Setup, it will not go into here.

"Despite their material progress, wuzangjuquan", so a lack of 1MB server software to provide Web, Ftp, Socks, Mail, and many other agents, it is a rare good software. ProxyPlus+-shareware, registration allowed before the maximum number of users for 3 persons, maximum Cache space is 10MB, but there is no time limit, enough to ordinary users. Well, wish you all a dream agent as soon as possible!