Art in motion is a production company and creative boutique was established in 2009. specific to the design and development of audiovisual projects with emphasis on stereoscopic techniques (3DS).

We develop and produce digital video, stereoscopic graphics, and high impact performance on projects and online campaigns, TV and cultural events.

Art in motion models and develop high-impact videos for:

-Corporate events
-Certification of products and services
-Shows and concerts
-Exhibitions and cultural events
-Tv and commercials
-Special events
-Video performance

How do you work?

Next, I found instances of correction and traditions, so that the client can monitor the progress of the project. According to the dimension of the project, art in motion using online systems to track the status of the project and the achievement of the objectives.

Can you produce the project from the beginning?

Yes, we will develop the creative conception, initiation to final delivery.

What file extension is displayed in the project?

This depends on the work and support. Each customer is unique.

Kindly visit our website ( for the relevant portfolio, services, and to learn more about our company.

We are prepared to do for you the great and unique videos that will explode your business at a high level.

For more details on pricing, please send me a PM.